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Become a better, healthier rider at any age or size

Helping adult riders be their best in body, mind and soul

Eat Better

I help women create a healthy relationship with food to lose weight easily and naturally.

Ride Better

I help women improve their riding. English, western, bareback – good balance is good balance, and I can teach you that.

Feel Better

Ready to have all-day energy and a calm mind? I help women feel less tired throughout the day, and release their anxiety.

“Whatever you believe you can do, you can.”

Henry Ford

My Approach:

No one thing will help you feel completely healthy again. I use a body, mind and soul approach to regaining health with my clients. Through 1:1 live video coaching sessions, you will learn how to feed your body the right fuel, learn techniques to calm your mind, and find a happiness and freedom you didn’t think was ever possible for you.


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