Are you a horse lover who wants to have a healthier relationship with your body? Then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Naomi Mihilewicz, founder of Symmetry Equestrian.

I help women riders who are overweight, have low energy and feel anxious, to regain their connection to their body, mind and soul. The result? A naturally balanced weight, level energy throughout the day and a calm mind.

Even if you’ve tried ‘diet and exercise’ before, and it didn’t work, there is hope for you too!

I’ve been there

You wouldn’t know it to look at me now, but I have been right there with you. I gained weight with each of my two pregnancies, I felt exhausted during the day, and there have been days where anxiety kept me from going anywhere close to my horses except to feed them.

Three key things lifted me out of that.

  1. I learned about the connection between the food I was putting in my body, and how that affected me. When I started really learning what fuel my body needed, the weight melted off (with no special exercise regime), and my energy leveled out.
  2. I became certified as a leadership coach, and saw how my thoughts were affecting the outcomes in my life – including anxiety. When I really started to examine if the things I feared were true or not, most of them weren’t.
  3. I started practicing meditation and returned to using my skills as a certified Reiki practitioner. Giving my mind some calm time, and allowing my body to relax with Reiki has helped me ‘get back on the horse’, literally and figuratively.

It is now my passion and my privilege to help other women riders through their own journey to better health that allows them to get back on their horses, ride better and feel better in their own skin. I offer 1:1 coaching to help women achieve their health goals.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am a certified Equine Canada Instructor, and teach riding in my home province Saskatchewan in Canada.
  • I’m married and have two beautiful kiddos who make me laugh every day
  • I have both a dog and a horse named Lenny
  • I studied Reiki in my 20’s and I’m dang good at it. I am still in awe every time I practice it with someone.
  • I love Kombucha – there’s always a gallon brewing in my kitchen
  • Most mornings you can find me out with my three horses; feeding, grooming, riding … and fixing whatever they have managed to break that day.
  • I love to travel: I have been to Central America, India, Hawaii and the US, and completed a degree in International Development in university.
  • I speak Spanish — It doesn’t come in super handy in the middle of the Canadian prairies, but I love confusing my kids with it.

I would love to learn more about you!

Would you like to lose weight and fit back into your favourite pair of breeches or riding jeans?

Book a free discovery call with me or learn more about how I coach. Let’s discover if 1:1 coaching is what you’ve been missing to reach your health goals.