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Your health is as good as your habits – let me help you build an amazing healthy lifestyle that will keep you riding well into your future.

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Ready to make a commitment to your health?

Here’s how it works.

First things first – let’s make sure we’re a good fit! I work with clients 1:1, so I want to make sure we both really enjoy each. Click below to book a FREE half hour to meet me and interview me as your potential coach.

If it’s a ‘YES’ for both of us, we can move on to creating a health transformation for you.

Private coaching is offered in 12 week increments. It takes at least 12 weeks for you to build new habits and start changing your life. We meet once a week to discuss your progress, your challenges and learn the next steps.

My 12 week program includes:

  • Analysis of what your diet and lifestyle look like right now, and how you want it to change.
  • Creating new life-long habits around shopping, planning and eating to help you lose weight naturally.
  • Learning how to tap into your body’s own calming abilities through practices like mediation, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki.
  • Learning how to listen to your body’s hunger and emotional cues so they work for you.
  • Most importantly – me. A coach. A guide. Someone completely focused on your success, who will help you through each challenge without judgement.

Here’s what it doesn’t include:

  • No excessive exercise. We may look at short bursts of activity for you, but there is no prescription for hour-long stints at the gym. Ever.
  • No restrictive eating. No foods are forbidden and no calorie counting. Carbs are OK – really – but you will learn how to make them work for you, not against you.
  • No required supplements or shakes. Everything you need to feel great you can find in a grocery store or farmers market. I’ll teach you how.

I am so excited for you to get started. Book your call today!